Ghazali's prologue from the Book of Love, Longing, Intimacy And Contentment

Praised be God, Who has exalted the hearts of His saints above all concern for the vanities and the glamour of this world. Who has purified their inmost beings from regard for anything but His presence. Who has singled out their hearts for devotion on the prayer rug of His grandeur and disclosed to them His names and His attributes so that they (hearts) shone with the very fire of knowing him. Who then revealed to them the splendors of His face (being) until they(hearts) burned in the fire of His love, and Who then concealed from them the essence of His majesty so that they wondered astray in the desert of His glory and His might! Then, whenever they trembled at a glimpse of His essential majesty, He covered it with such astonishment as dusts the surface of both reason and perception. At last, when they were about to give up in despair, they heard a summons from the pavilions of beauty: “Patience! O you who despair of gaining the truth because of your ignorance and haste!” And so their hearts remained suspended between rejection and acceptance, between denial and attainment, at once drowned in the sea of knowing Him and scorched in the fire of loving Him.

And abundant blessing and prayers upon Mohammad, the Seal of the Prophets in the perfection of his prophethood, and upon  his Family and His Companions, lords of creation, imams and leaders in truth and its reins! 

Translated by: Eric Ormsby