Traditional Hijama in New York City

The best remedy you have is Hijama. (Bukhari) Surely in Hijama there is a cure. (Muslim)

The angels that the prophet (peace be upon him) met during the night journey said, O Mohammad, order your nation to perform Hijama. (Tirmidhi)

Brother Izet Cekic is a certified Hijama expert performing Hijama since 2010 in the New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut areas. Izet believes in offering quality hijama for affordable prices using traditional techniques. He only uses glass cups and focuses on maximizing the cupping effect by adhering to strict sunnah methods. Heworks from home and also makes house visits depending on price, distance and the number of persons to be cupped. For more information please inquire.

Days of availability for hijama for men only are as follows:

Monday's Tuesday's and Thursday's from 7am - 12 pm. (Hijama should not be permored on other than these days.) 

Sisters who are looking for an experienced female hijama therapist,

Please call sister Zuhra at 718-277-1232. 

Brothers only please call Izet at 347-768-2982.

Current Prices for hijama are as follows and may change without notice so please enquire when calling to book an appointment.  

Men and women must fast six hours ( no food or drink ) before having hijama done and should be well hydrated the night before. Taking a shower before is beneficial for optimal results.

Women who are pregnant or in their monthly cycle must not have hijama done.

Brothers or sisters who want to be cupped on the head must call ahead of time for instructions when making an appointment.

Please advise us when making an appointment if you have any health issues or sickness so that we may determine if hijama is right for you. 

Cash payment only.

Jazakullah khayran.






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