About Us

A mimber elevates true speech and amplifies spiritual meanings to those who seek. This blessed step raises the feet of the teacher and establishes physical perspective to provide direction. Devoted students quench their thirst for sacred knowledge through the Prophetic inheritance as they scribble down the points of knowledge that illuminate their hearts and minds. Knowledge is conveyed, understanding is enhanced, and proper perspective is attained. 

Allah in his Holy Book mentioned that the believers will be raised on "manabir" (plural of Mimber) or "elevated seats" in Paradise. As we seek this lofty station in the Hereafter, we aim to provide an environment of learning and Islamic practice that will propel us toward that tremendous destiny. 

We believe in grounding knowledge that will provide clear life direction and understanding. We encourage heart intoxication in the love of Allah Most High through circles of remembrance and reflection. We adhere to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, Allah bless him and give him peace, through proper manners and tradition. Our space is friendly and authentic. We strive for hope and growth. Our methodology is love and mercy. Mimber is a place of refuge and retreat. Visit us and find your seat at Mimber.