Our Mission

We provide Islamic educational opportunities and spiritually uplifting gatherings to anyone who seeks direction in a way that is responsive to the holistic needs of the human being. Our classes and workshops weave the fabric of Islamic understanding and perspective with the aim of producing relevant knowledge that provides mercy and solutions in our complicated and fast moving world.

Our great books of tradition that have illuminated hearts and minds for centuries glow radiance even in our times of trouble and confusion. Knowledge and understanding that lends to proper perspective and appropriate action is the true spiritual inheritance that we aim to convey at Mimber.

We provide a healthy and safe environment with classes on the weekends, evenings, and after-school. Our teachers are qualified and trained to educate and convey the tradition of Islam, from basic Arabic alphabet to deep meanings and interpretations of the Holy Quran. 

There is a strong need for education and civic engagement in our local community and Mimber is a response to the longing and prayers of many. We feel blessed to be your refuge for Islamic learning and look forward to growing together. We look forward to seeing you at Mimber!